Monday, October 10, 2011

Corticon - valid license is essencial when going through user guide

Another small thing in Corticon that can eat up much of your time. In the eServer Deployment Tutorial you are creating a ruletest, pointing to an existing web app like the following:

Well, whatever I was doing I could not see my tutorial_example! Then I went to the console on http://localhost:8080/axis/ and could not see it there either, although I went through the deployment steps, created a .cdd file in Corticon Deployment Console and placed it in the right location c:/Corticon/eServer/Tomcat/CcServer/cdd/tutorial_example.cdd.

Then I tried to deploy it via the console (specifying the tutorial_example.erf) and at this very moment I got an error that my license is invalid. I asked my colleague and he gave me the CcLicense.jar which I placed in C:\corticon\eServer\lib and C:\corticon\eServer\Tomcat\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\lib

And this helped! I started seeing all deployed decision services:

The bottom line: when you go over the User Guide make sure that your license is up to date! Suggestions for Corticon folks - update your User's Guide to reflect this requirement.

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