Thursday, October 06, 2011

Corticon (Rule Engine) - Override error in Users Guide

Corticon is a very good rule engine that stands out as a good competitor to a widely known jBoss Drools. Many companies use Corticon for storing and running their business rules.

There is one small error in Corticon's User Guide (that can be opened after you download and install their Corticon eStudio by clicking Help->Contents). The user's guide is very good as a step-by-step tutorial. However this error may throw you off. Here is the screenshot:

As you can see, the guide suggests that the Rule # 1 overrides the Rule # 2 and the cargo container size should be standard if volume=40 and weight=1000. However, when you continue going over the Corticon tutorial and run their first Ruletest you'll see that the result is the opposite: the container will be standard, i.e. Rule # 2 overrides Rule # 1.

As I said earlier, Corticon is a very good and fast rule engine with good documentation and when you go over their User's Guide remember of this small error.

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Pratibha Jain said...

Good Catch!
Actually we spotted the same thing back in May and posted an updated version here:

By the way, if you visit the RulesWorld site you can download sample rule models and view video demonstrations.

You can also get a free community copy of the software!